The NSF Industry University Center on Pervasive AI held their industry advisory board meeting in Portland on Oct 27-28. CSE at OU sent 11 faculty and graduate students to participate and present their research. Oakland University joined the IUCRC project on Pervasive AI in spring of 2022. Two awards for “most industry ready research” were won at the meeting by CSE PhD students Emna Ksontini and Anwar Ghammam.

The PPI Center is a multi-university, industry-focused research center under the supervision of the US National Science Foundation (NSF). We operate under the NSF IUCRC model. The pre-competitive (i.e., of interest to many companies) and industry-applied research projects we work on are funded by industry members, by our universities, and by the NSF. Internet of Things (IoT) marks the dawn of a technological revolution that rivals the industrial revolution. In this new era, intelligent computing becomes anticipatory, proactive, and adaptive. The next big growth in IoT systems will come from pushing Pervasive Personalized Intelligence (PPI) to the edge of the network, where latency is critical, and mobility, privacy, and context awareness are essential qualities of the application. The PPI Center will support the thrusts that enable an entirely new class of applications with intelligence that is predictive instead of reactive, thus making processes more efficient and saving time, energy, and money. The IUCRC model is designed to help startups, large corporate partners and government agencies connect directly with university researchers to solve common research obstacles in a low-risk environment. The aim is to develop new technology faster and build out the workforce in critical areas.