[April 19, 2023]

Top achieving students were honored at the CSE Awards Ceremony on April 19th. SECS Dean Chamra and CSE Chair Marouane Kessentini presented award certificates to the following students and student teams:

CSE Academic Achievement Awards: Presented to outstanding undergraduates in CSE. Criteria considered by the department awards committee included academic achievement, exemplary character, leadership in classes and activities, and potential for success in future endeavors.

Eric Wagoner
Ayhem Hanna-Kachi
Grant Gryczan
Tej Singh
Isha Datey

CSE Senior Design Awards: Recognizing teams whose all-around presentations captured the best of the senior design program’s different facets – ideation, scope of project, team problem solving, execution and presentation.

Best Senior Design Project: ALife Tournament by Jonah Shader, Richard Frost, and Ruar Podushkin
Technology & Innovation Award: BELG: Brett Sauerbrey, Eric Wagoner, Gabriel Poprave, and Lucas Stinson
Technology & Innovation Award: TechThread by Joshua Price, Terrell Brooks and Xander Benson

CSE Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards: Students demonstrated exceptional ability, continuous growth and creativity as teachers; service as outstanding mentors and advisors to their students and colleagues; and growth as scholars in the course of their graduate programs.

Dafer Alali
Kawthar Badran
James Ryan

Graduate Student Research Competition Awards
Best Research Presentation/Research Quality Award: Anwar Ghammam
Societal Impact Award: Nesrine Mansouri
Societal Impact Award: Oluwafeyisayo Oyeniyi
Technical Achievement Award: Xiao Yue
Technical Achievement Award: Emna Ksontini