The NSF Center on Pervasive Personalized Intelligence held a 2-day workshop at Oakland Center on April 7-8 to discuss disruptive research ideas and ground breaking insights on Pervasive Personalized Intelligence for different industry sectors including automotive, manufacturing, and tech. The event was both a planning meeting for the new OU IUCRC site, as well as an opportunity for CSE faculty and graduate students to discuss their own interests and learn about state-of-the-art topics in AI and pervasive computing, and network with industry leaders.

“The scale and complexity required to build tomorrow’s pervasive personalized intelligence is beyond what any one organization can accomplish on their own. This center, and in particular this workshop was an opportunity to unite forces. Industry, academia, and government together is powerful.  Innovation starts in person, so we created this workshop to allow for diverse thinking and expertise to join in the same room to fully validate information and ideas, in a two way learning process,” Kessentini says. “Here at OU, we seek to work alongside industry as an R&D partner to help them build a platform on which they can build vertical smart applications, and as a center of excellence to create and disseminate a systematic body of knowledge required for building PPI applications.”

The NSF Center on Pervasive Personalized Intelligence at Oakland University, spearheaded by CSE Professor and Chair, Marouane Kessentini, also the site Director for the Center. Dr. Khalid Malik serves as site Co-Director. The PPI Center also has sites at the University of Colorado-Boulder and Oregon State University. The OU site specializes in intelligent transportation, software engineering, edge intelligence, and smart energy. These areas of focus are complementary to CU and OSU. The OU site is supported by industry partners including eBay, Ford, Stellantis, DMI, IBM, DTE Energy, Instadeep, Clarifai, Cognizang and CSL Behring. We anticipate several more commitments in the coming months from other industry partners who are excited about the prospects of the PPI Center.