[October 15, 2022]

ASE 2022, a top international research conference, was held at Oakland Center October 10-14. Marouane Kessentini served as General Chair of the conference, and was supported by SECS and Oakland University in bringing the global conference to campus. Over 400 participants traveled to OU or joined online at the hybrid event. Keynotes included:

Autonomous Systems: How to Address the Dilemma between Autonomy and Safety, from Lionel Briand, University of Ottowa and University of Luxembourg

Automated Testing as Production Simulation: Research Opportunities & Challenges, from Mark Harman, Meta, and Inna Dvortsova, Facebook

From Automating Software Development to Empowering Software Developers, from Margaret-Anne Storey, University of Victoria

Sessions included workshops, research papers, journal-first papers, tool demonstrations, tutorials, posters, and more. ASE awarded a number of Distinguished Paper Awards, as well as an audience choice award. The conference was sponsored by ACM and IEEE, as well as the IEEE Technical Council on Software Engineering, the ACM Special Interest Group on Software Engineering (SIGSOFT), Ford, Meta, IBM, Google, Huawei, and Oakland University.

Tweets from conference attendees mentioned in particular the beautiful OU campus, the perfect weather, and the great conference banquet at Meadowbrook Hall.